Racoon International’s bonded systemallows our
high quality hair to be blended to perfection.

This multi-award winning hair extensions system is scientifically proven not to damage hair.
The unique bond allows the hair to be easily applied and quick to remove leaving no trace or residue.
During maintenance appointments, the hair can be removed, reconditioned and reapplied.

100% Human Hair

Our high quality 100% human hair is available in a range of options, colours and lengths.
This Remy hair is root point correct and cuticle intact. Each and every order undergoes a
rigorous checking system to ensure our high standards are consistently maintained.

Fibre Hair

A fun option which is ideal for spot hair extensions and colour slices.
Available in a wide range of both natural and vibrant colours.

Next to Natural Hair

Next to Natural is a unique polymer with the same weight and density as human hair.
It can be styled and straightened.

Welcome to the exciting world of Racoon International.

We are the No1 in hair extensions! We offer the best system, the best hair and bonding,
the best education and the best aftercare products. Racoon International's creative and
versatile hair extensions inspire hairdressers everywhere and using our extensive range of hair,
they fast become skilled in blending it to perfection to achieve the most natural look. Which explains
why Racoon International is the No1 hair extensions choice in over 5,000 UK salons and in many countries.
Everyone at Racoon International are passionate about all aspects of the service we offer and we
sincerelyhope you enjoy our extensions as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

Ethical Sourcing

Racoon International uses an established
supplier network.

Racoon International sources its human hair and regularly monitors suppliers to ensure regulations are being followed.
This way, Racoon International can confidently guarantee the ethical sourcing of its hair.
Racoon International's human hair is sourced from India, following the same traditions and standards used
for the past century. The donation of human hair, often referred to as Tonsuring, is a Hindu tradition
thousands of years old. The people who donate their hair do so as a sacrifice to the Gods, to either
give thanks or ask for help. The money from the sale of their hair is then used to provide much needed
resources for local communities. Racoon International always undertakes to conduct operations in a
professional, ethical and responsible manner.

Transform your look
with Racoon International hair extensions

Whether you want the latest Lady GaGa or Cheryl Cole look, you can get great lengths and
fabulous volume with the Racoon International human hair extensions.